Home Watch Service

Home Watch

Scheduled weekly, bi weekly (highly recommended), or monthly.

A full inspection includes:

  • Check air conditioning unit for proper operation
  • Change air filter(s)
  • Check all windows and doors for security
  • Check roof and window for leaks
  • Run water in all plumbing traps
  • Flush all toilets
  • Run washer and dishwasher thru a short cycle
  • Check for pest(s) inside of the unit
  • Check all hurricane shutters
  • General inspection of interior and exterior of unit for any irregularities
  • Start and run garaged/stored vehicles
  • Storm preparation and post storm assessment

This service is perfect for vacation rentals when a property is in between tenants and for private homes owned by “snow  birds” who leave their property vacant for 3 months or more. We are the eyes and ears for your home when you are away.